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commission for Quinn!

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Discounting one character rough paints to get my dog Atlas some dog food, and a trip to the vet!

Rough paints - $20
Sketches - Depends on what kind of sketch you want, half bodies are the highest I’ll go right now, and those are $10.

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Discounting one character rough paints to get my dog Atlas some dog food, and a trip to the vet!

Rough paints - $20
Sketches - Depends on what kind of sketch you want, half bodies are the highest I’ll go right now, and those are $10.

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★Food, Vet & Groceries Commissions! $20 Rough Paints!



Hey everyone, I will be opening highly discounted rough paint slots to facilitate three VERY important,
short term bills!

First and MOST importantly, is doggie kibble for my new dog Atlas as he has no more and we need to try a sensitive tummy brand. He’s very sweet, but he seems rather off his food, and is a bit sick (and I’m not sure why? he just started having diarrhea and spitup lately). It’s exacerbating the issues he has with Lyra, the top dog of the house previously, as SHE has started messing in the house right in front of me. I’m not sure if she’s doing it because he is and she doesn’t wanna give up dominance, but I need to get it fixed.

Whether that’s a change of food for a more sensitive tummy, or he’s sick, I’m not sure, so the SECOND priority bill right now is getting him to the vet! Now the Banfield offices here at our local Petsmart are giving away free first visits for new patients, you just have to pay the cost of whatever medications the doctor gives you, if any. And I’m sure I’d need to pay the cost of tests if he needs more than the standard ones.

Thirdly, is groceries for the people of the house! Money is tight right now between my roommates and I, and there’s three of us in the household. Until I can get my at-home job started (which is a whopping 100 bucks startup but because con went so badly/outta control near the end, I wasn’t able to set it aside), the best I can do to help with that and keeping food in the house/doing my part is by raising money with commissions!

I will be taking 5 slots per batch! You may order more than one at a time if you would like, and as these are quick commissions, YOUR ORDER WILL GET DONE WITHIN ONE-TWO DAYS FROM THE MOMENT IT IS STARTED IN THE BATCH QUE OR YOU WILL BE IMMEDIATELY REFUNDED. I can average 1-2 rough paints per day if I sit and art for 8-9 hours a day. I will also be streaming them throughout the week/two weeks I’m offering these.

ROUGH PAINTS—$20 one character. each additional char. add 60% of original price.

Sketches — varies. I will not be taking chibi sketches at this time. These will be done exclusively IN STREAM.

Boosts are highly appreciated! Please note me or comment if you would like a spot, these are first come, first serve. I will also be dropping off con-work this week as well!


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PLEASE READ OR REBLOG! It would be greatly appreciated, and you’d really be helping out a dire situation.

Hey there, my name’s Phae/Momo. You may or may not know me from one place or another, but I’m in a bit of a predicament. Please read my situation under the cut, I am in DIRE need of housing/roommates by Saturday, 11AM.

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I’m at a coffee shop typing this, so I’m sorry for any errors.

Later this week, I’ll be getting internet at my house/main computer, so all work will either be delivered, or for customers whose work I did not do as they’d wanted a refund way back in August, refund schedules will be made/pm’d and a few paid immediately in full.

As for my explanation for everything that’s happened with commissions, it was a case of no income, using art to GET income to live, and getting heavily overwhelmed with keeping up with bills/higher and higher ques. I did it to myself, I’m not blaming any customers whatsoever, and appreciate the patience of many thus far.

As for the future, once this batch is sent off later this week, I’ll be putting all commissions on pause. I have more important things I have to worry about right now, and getting myself wrapped up in another large que is not conducive to that.

I was highly unprofessional in both my wait times/manner of dealing with all of this because I got stressed/overwhelmed. I’m taking measures for this not to happen in the future. First and foremost, I’m making a continually updated visual que, via Trello (here::, and am moving ALL website names to Phaet/phae_et (some variation of Phaet) so I have a unified screen name instead of a different one for every website I’m on, an issue I had before and was in the process of rectifying.

I’m not abandoning accounts by any means (especially considering everyone will be receiving work/refunds this week), I was just tired of having a billion and one screennames with no unified ‘front’ on every website. This was misunderstood by many people as I couldn’t log into my main heml0cke account on IB to link to the new one at the time.

For quite some time, outside of streams here and there (where I will not fall into the old trap that helped get me here, if I cannot finish your piece in one sitting, I will simply refund/finish your project, contacting you via PM on a time we can stream together and finish the transaction) I will ONLY be doing request art on a blog I’m doing just because I enjoy drawing it.

I will see you again later this week and next with dropoffs/refunds. To those whom I am making refunds to, I will contact those specificially whom I need to work out a payment plan with, as I cannot refund everyone all at once but DO want to settle all accounts.

Whatever you may think of me from this point on, I’m focusing on bettering myself, and making both personal and professional decisions more wisely. I have NEVER taken commissions with no intention of delivering work, contrary to what others have said (one of which whose ire with me stems almost completely from a very personal falling out we had). I care very much about all the people who have spoken out against me, and I am not saying they’re stating things that are untrue. I’m happy to own up to my shortcomings and unprofessionalism/cowardice/anxiety dealing with all of this. Wether those people whom are reading this and know who they are wish to speak to me again in the future is their own decision, I realize (and even agree) that SOME relationships were just too strained in the first place and this last event is the straw that broke BOTH of our backs with one another.

Either way, I’m done hiding and procrastinating on dealing with this. Either people will respect my decision to try and move forward, or they will have nothing else to do with me (both professionally and personally). I literally cannot do anything else besides make good on what I already have been promising everyone for weeks/months, and continuing to let my actions/progress speak louder than my words at this point. I hope this finds you all well, and everyone is happy, safe, and healthy!


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are you fucking kidding me


idk what i expected but it wasn’t this

ok that was awesome

It’s like a villaness song in a Disney movie…


I’m having a very difficult time controlling myself and not just making an animatic/full blown animation of Cruella DeVille performing this at a fashion event. ; A;

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I am conducting a scientific study on what houses people are in. Reblog this post if you are proud to be a Slytherin. (Ravenclaws reblog this, Gryffindors reblog this, and Hufflepuffs reblog this)

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To, this could be the most important thing you will do in your life, it may not feel like much to you but the animal you will make the animal you save’s day, by giving it one.

ahhh wow this is only an hour from me, i wish i had room for more pets. signal boost for all my central cali followers!!!

I’m from England but I know I have followers from California! Go save an animal for me!

sadly im from north cali I’m planning to adopt a dog this weekend too ;_;

Bbies ;m; guys, shelter animals are the best animals, you’re giving them a second chance at life!!